About Wyllie Associates

Picture of Bill Wyllie

Bill Wyllie is a Chartered Security Professional and former Head of Security and Business Continuity Manager at the Bank of England. His initial security experience came as a military intelligence officer in a range of intelligence and counter-intelligence appointments worldwide. During this time, he also gained an interpretership qualification in Arabic.

This experience was followed by a period in the Middle East, where he spent 5 years as a security manager within the oil and gas industry, mainly in Bahrain and Yemen. After that period, he operated as a consultant for 6 years, working on a wide range of public and private security tasks across 30 countries.

After leaving the Bank of England, Bill was First Vice-president and Head of Security of an American bank. He now provides security and risk management solutions to a range of domestic and international clients, particularly within the Middle East region.

A philosophy & politics graduate, Bill has been the external examiner / dissertation adviser for the security-related degrees of MA and MSc, and has worked with several academic institutions on the design of security training. He is the author of the books "The Millennium Security Manager", "A Guide to Security Surveys" and (with Steve Collins) "Rules for Dealing with an Armed Robbery". He is also a Fellow of The Security Institute (FSyI), a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Fellow of the Security Institute of South Africa (FIS (SA)).